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intelligence solution

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By Cosmétikwatch®

Eco-design of innovative
and natural formulas

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Conducting competitive
technical studies

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By Cosmétikwatch®

Technical support
for cosmetic formulation

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Who are we?

Since 2012, we've been offering a competitive intelligence solution for the cosmetics market using a technical tool that's easy to use, scalable and high-performance. Today, our services are enhanced by scientific expertise to offer you an ad-hoc formulation and technical analysis service.
Our aim is to provide teams involved in cosmetic innovation with a clear view of competing products and technical possibilities.

Sophie & Yann Guilbaud - Cosmétikwatch®

Yann Guilbaud

10 years' expertise in cosmetics competitive intelligence.
Creator of a solution for monitoring and deciphering the technical aspects of cosmetic products.

+33 (0)6 33 52 99 03

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Sophie Guilbaud

22 years' experience in cosmetics R&D: 15 years with SANOFLORE / L'ORÉAL laboratories and 7 years with the ESTHEDERM / NAOS laboratories, YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTÉ laboratory and ALKOS COSMETIQUES laboratories.
An expert with a passion for cosmetic innovation and natural formulation.

+33 (0)6 61 92 83 26

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Database, base de données cosmétiques


Keep up to date with the latest market trends.
Access a database of over 15,000 detailed product information sheets.
Filter your searches according to your criteria of interest.
Analyse the characteristics of one or more products.
Search for ingredients (alone or combined) used in products on the market.


Detailed product sheets




Products type


Main claims



An easy-to-use online tool
(SaaS platform)

Database by Cosmetikwatch® is easy to use and is designed for teams who R&D and/or marketing for the cosmetics industry. Serving manufacturers of finished products or raw materials as well as consultants or schools, it is a source of creativity and innovation for its users.
Thanks to our multi-criteria search engine, you consult reliable information at the click of a button. The extraction of data allows you to easily analyse or present your results.

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"Cosmetikwatch® is an excellent partner for easy but effective monitoring of a very active market. Easy to access in terms of both procedures and costs, it is a very useful tool, particularly for monitoring and consulting activities. It is also a very useful tool for the Cosmétothèque in its monitoring of the best of the state of the art".


"A great database, easy to access. It has become an indispensable tool for the foresight unit."

B.ANTHOUARD (Formulation & Forecasting Development Manager) – SICAF

"The application makes it very easy to find essential and rather exhaustive information on the products on the market. I'm delighted with it and really recommend cosmetikwatch®, which is a goldmine!"

S.VOLCLAIRE (Cosmetics Evaluator - CEC Expertises Cosmétiques - Consumer Panel Manager) LVMH Recherche

"Cosmetikwatch® provides quick access to clear, reliable information about cosmetic launches. A question = a real-time search in just a few clicks = an immediate response. It allows me to be more relevant and quicker in my day-to-day work. The option of exporting data in Excel or PowerPoint format enables me to carry out more in-depth studies or make clear, concise presentations."

S.G (Natural & Organic Innovation Manager) L'ORÉAL

"Easy, convenient access to useful information. A considerable time saver!"

C.M (Scientific Watch & Communication Officer)

"Cosmetikwatch® fully meets the needs and requirements of our students: its content enables them to keep abreast of the various products on the market. What's more, its high-performance search form offers a wide range of search criteria. As a librarian, it enables me to carry out highly relevant research."


"The service offered by Cosmetikwatch® is user-friendly and simple to use, allowing new product launches to be viewed shortly after their release. The product sheets are complete and detailed, and provide all the information you need to carry out an in-depth analysis at a later date. It's a very practical tool for any market watch. Yann Guilbaud's support is top-notch, and he's very responsive and ready to listen to any request."


Annual or monthly subscription eligible for Research Tax Credit (CIR)
Cash or monthly payment over 12 months.

Eligible for Research Tax Credit (CIR)

Very Small Business
less than 10 employees

Start Up
less than 1 year old
Small Business
Medium and Big Business
More than 10 employees

Contact us for a package tailored to your needs

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Ecolab - laboratoire de formulation


Let's innovate together, and we'll create or offer you formulas that meet eco-design expectations,
according to your inspiration and your specifications in our laboratory.

We can support you right through to bringing your product to market.


"We draw our inspiration from nature.
In return, we carefully consider environmental impact at every stage of development: from selecting ingredients and processes to developing high-performance formulations compatible with new packaging systems."


Our expertise in natural formulations and our ability to think "out of the box" are at your service to help you imagine and create new sensory experiences, and apply new ingredients using robust, more economical processes:

  • Creation of new formulas in response to your specifications
  • Improving or adapting an existing formula
  • Creation of an application formula to value a raw material or study the behaviour of an asset
  • Study of stability, conservation and content/container compatibility

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We master a very wide range of galenic forms applicable to face and body care, hygiene and haircare.

Cleansing powders Cleansing powders
Emulsions Emulsions
Foams Foams
Biphasis Biphasis
Oils Oils
Solids Solids
Aqueous solutions Aqueous solutions
Balms Balms
Masks Masks
Oily gels Oily gels
Cream-gels Cream-gels
Aqueous gels Aqueous gels
Scrubs Scrubs
Serums Serums
Foaming gels Foaming gels
Micellar waters Micellar waters

Our know-how

Think eco-formulation to eco-innovate at every stage in a product's life cycle.

Life cycle
of a
cosmetic product

Raw materials

Raw materials
Choosing ingredients with less impact
  • Origin (renewable, natural, vegan, local, upcycling, ...)
  • From Green Chemistry / Biotech
  • Easily biodegradable

End of life

End of life
Product packaging
  • Formulas compatible with more ecological packaging


Use of less energy-intensive processes
  • Cold processable formulations
  • Process-optimised formulas
  • Minimalist formulas (< 15 ingredients)


Product use
  • Water-saving formulas
  • Easily biodegradable formulas
  • Non-eco-toxic formulas
  • Multi-function formulas
Transport<br />


Optimising product weight
  • Solid or powder formulas
  • Concentrated formulas to reconstitute


Product sales
  • Formulas for bulk sales
  • Refillable formulas
Report - Benchmark & veille


Benefit from strategic advice for your new developments.
Entrust us with your competitive analysis needs
Track product trends.
Develop your knowledge of the technologies and ingredients used by your competitors.

Studies competitive

  • Study of competing products according to your needs (type, positioning, labels, claims...)
  • Study of a brand's geography and analysis of its formulatory expertise

Monitoring technologic / State of the art

  • Qualitative analysis of the use of an ingredient or combination of ingredients
  • Qualitative analysis of a type of galenic formulation

Our solutions

Ad hoc competitive research
Summary report
Presentation (virtual or face-to-face)
Product - Achat de produits du marché


Expert formulation support: team coaching tailored to your needs.

Costing and setting up your own formulation laboratory.

Purchasing service for market products: simplify your organisation and receive directly the product(s) of interest to you. All markets, all quantities.

News by Cosmetikwatch®

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Eco-innovation: Gellan gum
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New: Long-lasting fresh gel stick for lips and cheeks
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