Eco-innovation: Pump-free foaming bottle

Eco-innovation: Pump-free foaming bottle
Published on 05/02/2024

Transforming textures!

Foam textures!

This type of texture is generally obtained using a foaming bottle fitted with a pump that injects air into the liquid, producing an abundant foam.

-I've often had to deal with malfunctioning pumps after several uses.

- The pump in foamer bottles is difficult to recycle because it is often fitted with several parts, including a metal spring.

I was surprised to discover today, thanks to the COSMETIKWATCH® database, that the SVR Laboratory has just launched a self-tanning mousse in its Sun Secure range...

...And the packaging used is not a foaming bottle but a bottle with a foaming service cap.

I'd already seen this type of packaging used by the Australian brand Bondi Sands for a self-tanning foaming water.

I think it's very innovative, practical and does away with the need for a foaming pump, which consumes more plastic and is harder to recycle.

The brand claims that its packaging is "entirely recyclable".
The Trimann logo on the product recommends separating the bottle and cap and disposing of them in the recycling bin.

Does this give you any ideas for your future foaming product?