Eco-innovation: Offering ephemeral packaging

Eco-innovation: Offering ephemeral packaging
Published on 05/10/2024

The trend towards zero waste and minimalism continues with 3 new launches from one of the PROCTER&GAMBLE group's American brands already listed in the COSMETIKWATCH® database.

Back in October, I told you about 3 recent launches of water-soluble cleaning wipes using PVA technology.

Here we find the same technology using polyvinyl alcohol: a polymer used to formulate highly water-soluble films, widely used to package detergent tablets for washing machines and dishwashers.
Considered biodegradable and of low toxicity to humans, it is widely used in the food (packaging) and pharmaceutical (capsule manufacturing) industries.

The brand's technology is available in 3 complementary products depending on the active ingredient used: vitamin C, retinol or hyaluronic acid.

It claims to use a 100% recyclable box and tray, and to use 6 times fewer ingredients than traditional products from the best brands of facial cleansers (8 ingredients compared with an average of 48 ingredients).

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