Which film-forming polymers & waxes to formulate a natural mascara?

Which film-forming polymers & waxes to formulate a natural mascara?
Published on 03/22/2024

Mascara is the best-selling product in the make-up category.
It's a technical product that needs to be applied with a brush, and most of the time claims to improve the length or volume of the lashes.

To meet these performance challenges, the formulator must carefully identify and choose the ingredients to be used in his future formula: waxes and film-forming polymers in particular.

The decision to develop a formula with a high percentage of naturalness makes this exercise even more complex for the formulator, who will be limited in terms of technical solutions.

That's why it's interesting to identify the solutions used by the competition by analysing the compositions of products on the market that meet these requirements, using the Cosmetikwatch database.

Here is a 16-page pdf presentation with the following content:
-The formulation of a mascara,
-The search method for natural mascaras on the market in the Cosmetikwatch® database,
A detailed presentation of several "natural" mascaras recently launched on the market, with identification of the ingredients on the INCI list corresponding to waxes and film-forming polymers.

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