Eco-innovation: Using upcycled ingredients

Eco-innovation: Using upcycled ingredients
Published on 09/29/2023

A source of innovation and a generator of value, eco-design is an approach that helps reduce negative impacts on the environment, based on an analysis of the product's life cycle.

One of the many levers for eco-designing a cosmetic product is the choice of ingredients that have less impact via their origin, and in particular via the recycling of waste that can be recovered as a new ingredient for a new use. This is known as upcycling or overcycling.

This is not a new trend, but one that is gathering pace thanks to the numerous proposals from suppliers of cosmetic raw materials.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to a launch by the very young French brand Propice, which claims to be the first upcycled, organic and vegan skincare brand.

Its protective and detoxifying light seed serum features a cosmos organic-labeled formula containing over 80% upcycled active ingredients, including 73.64% organic lemon water, which replaces most of the water in the formula.
➕ The little extra: 100% upcycled case made from bagasse: a 100% recyclable sugarcane fiber residue.

If you'd like to find out more, the product sheet detailing all technical and commercial information can be consulted in the COSMETIKWATCH® database.