Eco-innovation: Synaesthesia cosmetic

Eco-innovation: Synaesthesia cosmetic
Published on 02/26/2024

What is a synaesthesia cosmetic?

- It's a product that speaks naturally to the consumer,

- It's a coherent product,

- It's a product whose color, fragrance, texture and packaging are consistent with the claimed active ingredient used,

- It's a product that brings a holistic experience to the consumer,

- It's a product that doesn't require a long marketing speech,

- It's a product that speaks for itself,

- It's a product that has every chance of becoming a BEST SELLER.

How do you develop a synaesthesia cosmetic?

This is where the art of formulation comes into play (I love my job).
Be pragmatic, creative, focus on the essentials and develop a coherent formula.

A recent example of synaesthesia cosmetics?

Today, let's analyze the "SUMO CITRUS - CLEANSING JELLY" cleansing gel from the American brand LOLI. :

- A star ingredient: SUMO CITRUS MANDARIN, rich in vitamin C,

- A galenic formulation like a fruit jelly to be removed with the finger,

- An orange color provided by Mandarin powder,

- A "real" fragrance thanks to Mandarin essential oil,

- An adapted sensoriality: Easy application and rinsing,

- Immediate effectiveness: Fresh, luminous, moisturized skin,

- A commitment to naturalness: Quality upcycled ingredients,

- Colorful, plastic-free packaging: an orange aluminum jar.

In the end, consumers were won over: Here are 2 reviews from the brand's website:
"I love using it as a mask! The gel-like texture is unlike anything I've tried, and it smells so pure, like it's straight from an orange! I have VERY sensitive skin and am very picky about the use of active ingredients or products in general. This product makes my skin feel luminous, fresh and gently exfoliated. Bravo! "

"Every time I use this product, I feel very refreshed - the scent is incredible and I look forward to my morning routine to use it! I will definitely buy this product again. "

Does this give you any ideas for future products?

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