Eco-innovation: Propose a peelable packaging

Eco-innovation: Propose a peelable packaging
Published on 10/11/2023


One of the most important factors in eco-design is the choice of packaging. More and more brands are offering biodegradable cardboard packaging for anhydrous products such as deodorant sticks.

So how can you stand out from the crowd and optimise the consumer experience?

The young Canadian brand Human Essentials Ltd. is going one step further, launching last February a range of 4 deodorant sticks using cardboard packaging with patented peel-off technology called "P.E.E.L Tech".

Innovation at the service of the environment:

- 100% Plastic free: These new deodorants are packaged in an ingenious biodegradable and compostable cardboard box that peels off as it is used. Say goodbye to unnecessary plastic boxes that require a knob to be turned during use!

- A vegan formula made from natural ingredients.

- Made locally in Canada.

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