Eco-innovation: Offering ephemeral packaging

Eco-innovation: Offering ephemeral packaging
Published on 01/10/2024

Zero Waste, Zero Compromise

Last year saw a sharp acceleration in the launch of water-soluble cosmetics. Several products from the American, Australian and Korean markets were referenced in our database.

Focus today on the Fig1 brand, which has teamed up with Australian company Conserving Beauty to use its "Dissolvable wipe technology" to launch water-soluble make-up remover wipes in October 2023: Micellar Oil Cleansing Wipes.

Practical instructions for use
Easy to use, the wipes can be dissolved in the shower, sink or even the toilet! This ingenious solution offers a convenient, environmentally-friendly cleaning experience.

Fast, safe decomposition
If the wipes are thrown in the garbage can, they biodegrade in just 14 days.

Innovative packaging
The sachets are manufactured from an innovative biofilm made from wood pulp. Not only is this packaging environmentally friendly, it is also safe for home composting, offering a complete and responsible solution for the beauty routine.

These types of products can be found in the COSMETIKWATCH® database by selecting "HYDROSOLUBLE" in the "formulations/galenics" field.