Eco-innovation: Collagen, yes, but vegan

Eco-innovation: Collagen, yes, but vegan
Published on 11/23/2023

Collagen fibers are highly resistant and provide a supportive structure to tissues. In the skin, collagen plays a crucial role in providing elasticity and firmness. Over time, its production declines, contributing to the formation of wrinkles and loss of firmness.

- The star ingredient of anti-aging products, traditional collagen is of animal origin, derived from the bones and skin of cattle, pigs or fish.
- However, with the emergence of vegan products, vegan collagen has become an increasingly popular option. These ingredients use plant sources, such as algae or vegetables, to biomimetically reproduce the amino acids of traditional collagen.

Supplier LipoTrue even offers collagen amino acids derived from plants grown using vertical farming.
COSMOS-labeled products are also available.

So how do you find the products on the market using this type of collagen in the COSMETIKWATCH® database?

Type "COLLAGEN" in the Include this ingredient field. The database will show you all INCI names with COLLAGEN in the name. Select those of interest to you. Then select "VEGAN" in the labels/certification field and launch the search.