Eco-innovation: A sensorial, effective eye contour with immediate visible effects

Eco-innovation: A sensorial, effective eye contour with immediate visible effects
Published on 03/26/2024

- Would you like to develop a new sensorial eye contour product that is effective and has immediate visible effects?
- Do you need ideas or advice on how to create the perfect natural formula?


Today, I'd like to introduce you to a beautiful formula from the very young Skinoffice Paris brand, created by Meggi Partouche - Junier.

EYE RECIPE - COMPLEXE MULTI-PEPTIDES & ACTIFS is an eye contour to lift and firm the appearance of the eye area.

The brand boasts:
- NOA System® technology to increase the penetration of active ingredients,
- short- and long-term benefits,
- Inspired by cosmetic surgery,
- 98.98% natural ingredients,
- No added fragrance.

In terms of formula, the technology is based on a nano-sized emulsion using high pressure and hydrogenated lecithin as an emulsifier. A high-percentage silicate derivative to ensure a smoothing and firming effect. The only drawback is the use of phenoxyethanol as a preservative.

On the active side, a complex of natural active peptides to treat wrinkles and fine lines, silk tree extract to enhance the upper eyelid and a duo of hyaluronic acids to redensify and plump.

The packaging includes recycled and recyclable primary packaging and eco-responsible secondary packaging using a new plant-based material made from bamboo and sugar cane fibres by KNOLL Printing & Packaging. 100% biodegradable.

- A massage tool to encourage microcirculation, provide a sensation of freshness and help reduce puffiness.
- Visible results clinically proven in a test carried out on 50 volunteers.
- Silver award for the trendiest brand 2023 by Cosmétiquemag.

In short, a great success!

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