Eco-innovate: Biotech beauty NARINGENIN

Eco-innovate: Biotech beauty NARINGENIN
Published on 01/24/2024

DEIND: New cosmetics brand targeting inflammaging and claiming to use biotechnologies to protect the environment.

What is inflammaging?

Inflammaging can be summed up as the premature appearance of signs of aging due to the skin's exposure to certain external factors: pollution, UV rays, free radicals, etc.


Daily external stress factors ➡ Chronic inflammatory state ➡ Overproduction of pro-inflammatory molecules = impact on cells ➡ Increased oxidative stress = degradation of collagen and elastin ➡ Modification of skin lipid composition = increased transepidermal water loss and impaired barrier function ➡ 5 Signs of aging = fine lines, dull appearance, dryness, uneven skin tone and uneven skin texture.

Why biotechnology?

The fledgling American brand claims to give priority to ingredients derived from biotechnology for their efficacy, tolerance and lower environmental impact.

This is exemplified by the brand's use of a patented biotech-derived polyphenol, generally found in grapefruit peel, with promising anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity (proven to reduce the production and release of IL-6): NARINGENIN (INCI: Naringenin)

And claims for this active ingredient

- 15 times greater in-vitro activity than equivalent active ingredients,

- 99% less water and cultivated land thanks to its biofermentation synthesis,

- effectiveness on skin elasticity confirmed by 100% of volunteers after 4 weeks.

This active ingredient is already used in a recent serum by American brand The Ordinary.

The DEIND brand belongs to the American biotech company Debut, which aims to reimagine the world of cosmetic active ingredients through cutting-edge technology and human-centered brand innovation.

Full details of the new brand's 3 products can be found in the COSMETIKWATCH® database.