Biphasis liquid lipsticks

Biphasis liquid lipsticks
Published on 10/10/2023

This is the latest make-up innovation from Parfums Christian Dior, with its ROUGE DIOR FOREVER - LIQUID LACQUER, launched a few days ago and available in 8 shades.

The brand claims "a real formulatory feat: a bi-phase formula to be shaken for 5 seconds before application, which combines 2 phases dedicated respectively to shine without transfer and ultra-pigmentation for a vibrant and luminous make-up result".


It's enough to make us curious about this type of product and formula!


Existing products in the COSMETIKWATCH® database

 - Several years ago, MAC Cosmetics launched HUGGABLE GLASS - LIP GLOSS, claiming only a two-phase texture,

- JUICY SHAKER - HUILE À LÈVRES BI-PHASÉE INFUSION COULEUR, launched by Lancôme in 2016, combined an oil phase for lip care with a pigmented phase for vivid colours to be shaken according to the desired colour effect,

- And finally, FRENCH RIVIERA - TINT TO LIP - EAU DE ROUGE, AQUARELLE ÉCLAT LÈVRES launched by the BY TERRY brand could be used in a non-shaken version for a watercolour effect, or in a shaken version for more colour and glitter.


This latest product from Parfums Christian Dior therefore offers a unique texture that combines high shine and a transfer-free effect, unlike previous initiatives that claimed a biphasic texture for versatility and creativity in make-up application.

Products to be found by selecting "BI-PHASIC/DUAL PHASE" in the field linked to the galenic of the product in our database.

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