Anti-imperfection patches

Anti-imperfection patches
Published on 03/12/2024

Why offer an anti-imperfection product in patch form?

- For prolonged local action when they contain active ingredients: niacinamide, tranexamic acid...

- To accelerate healing when they contain hydrocolloids (synthetic polymers, cellulose gum...): By absorbing exudates and maintaining good local hydration,

- For a protective and insulating effect: to avoid contact with fingers and the proliferation of bacteria,

- To camouflage imperfections when they are transparent, allowing make-up to be superimposed,

- To convey a fun, fashionable image: when colored or in the shape of a star, heart...

- For day and/or night use.

This trend, which originated in South Korea, is gaining momentum, with many brands now offering this type of product.

Stay tuned: A new patch trend from Asia: hydrogel sun patches to protect the skin from UV rays during outdoor activities, helping to combat spots and wrinkles.

Find out more about recent launches in patch form by selecting "patchs" in the "formulations/formulas" field of our search engine, and access detailed product sheets!