A biphasic texture for your next serum?

A biphasic texture for your next serum?
Published on 03/20/2024

This is the choice made by several brands that have just launched a face serum in biphasic form!

1/ Superserum hydrating mist by RMS Beauty: Half serum, half mist, this spray serum is used morning and/or evening to hydrate, balance and firm skin.

2️/ Two-phase hyaluronic serum by NOCIBE: A few drops to be applied morning and/or evening to the face to moisturize, regenerate and comfort the skin.

3️/ Nectarclam Soothing Serum by Melvita : A bi-phase texture rich in camelina oil and orange blossom floral water for instantly soothed skin and long-lasting anti-redness action.

4️/ Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Sérum "anti-soif" suractivé de Clarins: A bi-phase texture inspired by the skin's dual hydric and lipidic nature, enriched with hyaluronic acids and polyphenols for suractivated hydration and preserved balance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of serum texture?

- Allows hydrophilic and lipophilic active ingredients to be conveyed without the use of surfactants,

- Reinforces the scientific message by visualizing the active phases,

- Unique sensoriality: more comfortable than an aqueous serum, lighter and less oily than an oily serum,

- A formulation that must be well mastered from a physico-chemical point of view to ensure good homogeneity of the two phases during agitation and good demixing at rest,

- A risk of misuse by the consumer if the product is not stirred or is stirred incorrectly,

- The multiplication of different tests to be carried out in the laboratory: aqueous phase, oily phase and mixing.

The COSMETIKWATCH® database includes nearly 200 cosmetic products with a "biphasic" texture: face serums, make-up removers, peels, hair care products, styling products, sun care products, slimming products, lipsticks, glosses, primers, foundations, self-tanners....

In short, plenty of inspiration for your future launches!

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